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15 August 2009 @ 12:55 am
If you join, refer me please!

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Name: Chibi
Level: 1
Card Count: 036
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14 August 2009 @ 02:56 pm
So, I think I should have done this a lot earlier, but whatever.

. Mi name is Roberta and I’m Italian so english is not my first language and as much as I’m trying it’s possible (and very likely) that I’ll do mistakes
. I’m 18 at my first year of university and I’m CONFUSED AS HELL, so yeah there.
. I ramble a lot about EVERYTHING, I’m one of those persone that think about something and has to share it with everyone, it doesn’t matter how useless it is.
. I love books quite a lot and I’m usually always reading something and I talk about it too, why? See point above.
. IRL stuff are almost alias under cuts  so you don’t have to read them if you don’t want to <33
. I do drunk post. They are useless, I don’t really say anything important because y’know, I’m DRUNK, but they are awesome all the same.
. I capslock a LOT. In posts and comments and general life XD I just LOVE caplocking, get used to it
. Fandom Related part, now:
T e l e f i l m
Favourite Character: Dean Winchester
Character I HATE: 4th season!Ruby
Favourite Paring among ALL: Wincest
Parings I love: Dean/Castiel, John/Dean, Uriel/Dean, Alastair/Dean, Dean/3season!Ruby, Dean/Henricksen, Sam/Jess,  Sam/3season!Ruby, Dean/Anna, John/Mary, YED/Mary, YED/John

Favourite Character:
Arthur Pendragon
Character I HATE: No One - Yeah, neither Edwin
Favourite Paring among ALL: Arthur/Merlin
Parings I love: Arthur/Morgana, Arthur/Morgana/Merlin, Uther/Arthur, Uther/Morgana, Morgana/Gwen, Uther/Gaius, Arthur/Lancelot, Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot, Lancelot/Gwen

Gossip Girl
Favourite Character:
Blair Waldorf
Character I HATE: Jenny Humprey, Serena Van Der Woodesn
Favourite Paring among ALL: Chuck/Blair/Nate
Parings I love: Chuck/Blair, Nate/Blair, Chuck/Nate, Dan/Blair, Blair/Serena, Chuck/Dan, Chuck/Blair/Nate/Serena


Favourite Character: James “Sawyer” Ford
Character I HATE: Jack Sheppard
Favourite Paring among ALL: Sawyer/Jack (Yeah, I know, whut?)
Parings I love: Skate, Sawyer/Juliette, Sawyer/Clair, Sawyer/Everyone, Locke/Boone

(Season 1-2)
Favourite Character:
Tony Stonem
Character I HATE: Anwar Whatever-is-Surname-was
Favourite Paring among ALL: Tony/Maxxie
Parings I love: Tony/Sid, Tony/Michelle, Tony/Effy, Chris/Jal

Favourite Character: Seely Booth
Character I HATE: No One, really
Favourite Paring among ALL: Booth/Bones
Parings I love: Hodgins/Zack, Booth/Sweet, Hodgins/Angela, Booth/Angela, Bones/Angela, Booth/Camille, Booth/Zack

B o o k s

The Chronicles of Narnia
Favourite Character: Peter Pevensie
Character I HATE: Lucy Pevensie
Favourite Paring among ALL: Peter/Edmund
Parings I love: Pevensiecest (yes, all of them), Peter/Caspian, Jadis/Edmund (I‘m a sick sick person)

Harry Potter
Favourite Character:
Draco Malfoy
Character I HATE: Harry Potter
Favourite Paring among ALL: Draco/Harry
Parings I love: Draco/Pansy, Draco/Ron, Harry/Ron, Severus/Draco, Everyone/Draco/Everyone

Millennium Trilogy
Favourite Character: Mikael Blomskvitz [Ugh, yeah i know, I like Lisabeth a lot too but... but... I just fell in love]
Character I HATE: No One, really
Favourite Paring among ALL: Mikael/Lisabeth
Parings I love: That is all, really.

A n i m a n g a
Favourite Character:
Son Goku
Character I HATE: Cho Hakkai
Favourite Paring among ALL: 3x9 (Sanzo/Goku e Konzen/Chibi!Goku)
Parings I love: Homu/Goku, 5x9 (Gojyo/Goku), 5x8 (Gojyo/Hakkai), Nataku/Chibi!Goku

Favourite Character: Sasuke Uchiha
Character I HATE: Sai
Favourite Paring among ALL: SasuNaru
Parings I love: SasuSakuNaru, SasuSui, Uchihacest, Madara/Sasuke, SasuKarin, FalconOrgy (Sasuke/Suigestu/Huugo/Karin), KakaSasu, KakaObito, KakaIruka

One Piece
Favourite Character: Ronoroa Zoro
Character I HATE: Sanji
Favourite Paring among ALL: Zoro/Luffy
Parings I love: Ace/Luffy,  Ace/White Beard, Zoro/Nami, Zoro/Robin, Gang Bang/Ace

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Favourite Character: Hibari Kyoya
Character I HATE: Gokudera Hayato
Favourite Paring among ALL: 1827 (Hibari/Tsuna)
Parings I love: 8018 (Yamamoto/Hibari), D18 (Dino/Hibari), 6918 (Mukuro/Hibari), 1896 ( Hibari/Chrome), Everyone/Hibari is awesome too

Pokemon Special /Pokemon
Favourite Character: Green/Gary
Character I HATE: Yellow/Misty
Favourite Paring among ALL: Red/Green/ Gary/Ash
Parings I love: Green/Blue, Red/Blue, Green/Blue/Red, Ruby/Sapphire, Pearl/Platinum, Ash/May

Digimon (1° Season)
Favourite Character:
Matt (Yamato)
Character I HATE: No- one
Favourite Paring among ALL: YamaTai
Parings I love: That’s it. I love only YamaTai XD

Code Geass
Favourite Character: Suzaku Kururugi
Character I HATE: Nunnali Vi Britannia
Favourite Paring among ALL: SuzuLulu
Parings I love: Gino/Suzu, Schneizel/Suzu, Suzu/Euphie, Suzu/Lloyd, Gino/Karen

Witch Hunter
Favourite Character: Lancelot
Character I HATE: No one till now
Favourite Paring among ALL: Lancelot/Tasha
Parings I love: Tasha/Halloween, Lancelot/Halloween, Yue/Lee/Xing [TWINOT3 FTW], Varete/Aria

07 Ghost
Favourite Character: Frau/Zehel
Character I HATE: No one, I just love Frau and Teito too much togheter so wherever they are not togheter I tend to get bored
Favourite Paring among ALL: Frau/Teito
Parings I love: Frau/Castor, Teito/Teito (YEAH SHIT), Mikage/Teito

G a m e s
Kingdom Hearts
Favourite Character: Riku
Character I HATE: Naminè
Favourite Paring among ALL: RikuSora
Parings I love: AkuRoku, RikuRoxas, SoraRoxas - Riku/King Mikey [DO NOT JUDJE ME]

U n d e r C o n s t r u c t i o n

C o n t a c t
MSN: robi_co@hotmail.it
Twitter: Chibi_saru
Facebook: Roberta Cosentino
Delicious: Chibi_saru11

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